tanami oct 2009  .67 (3)Our earthworks division is equipped to work both local, rural and remote.  WRSC are able to complete projects in a fully self-contained manner.

WRSC perform a wide range of earthworks services including:-

  • site preparation works
  • large volume station earthworks such as fenceline clearing, dam building, firebreak and road construction
  • mine rehabilitation
  • mining exploration track building and earthworks
  • quarry product transport for civil projects
  • large scale land clearing for pasture development

Our equipment includes:-

Bulldozers – range from 180-335Hp, fitted with stickrakes, scrub canopies and tree spears

Loaders – from 2.0-5.0m buckets, quick hitches and forks.  3.0m spread container forks, crane jibs and stick rakes

Graders – Caterpillar 12G to 140H

Side Tippers – We have a range of late model Tristar and Roadwest side tippers which can operate in single, double or triple combinations

Support Vehicles – Toyota Landcruiser vehicles equipped with 500ltr fuel tanks, air compressors, toolboxes, fire extinguishers satellite phones and UHF radios; 13,000ltr fuel tanker trailer; storage trailer for parts and tooling.



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