Environmental Policy


WRSC strive to achieve exceptional standards of environmental care whilst conducting it’s business as a transport and civil construction company contributing to community needs. This approach toward environmental management pursues continuous improvement in performance by monitoring and maintaining fundamental standards of environmental care.


This policy encourages works to be undertaken in such a manner as to minimise any adverse effects it’s operations may have toward the environmental and community expectations by:-

  • complying with and recognising all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • applying standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts resulting from it’s operations and services
  • communicate openly with the relevant authorities and the community toward environment procedures and contribute to the development of policies
  • ensure employees and contractors are conversant with the policy and are aware of their environmental responsibilities for work performed
  • consistently maintain all environment management systems and identify and encourage accessibility to all responsible
  • maintain contingency plans to deal with any feasible environmental risk and include environmental protections when planning new developments


Management is responsible for developing this policy; supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy; all employees, contractors and visitors to site are responsible for complying with this policy.

The policy is endorsed by the directors of Wildman River Stock Contractors Pty Ltd.

February 2019

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